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About us

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2014 - our 31st year!

Roby and Company Inc., a family owned and operated business, originated in 1983 in Gaithersburg, MD as a VIDEO RENTAL STORE. In 1990 we moved to Damascus, MD and expanded our video store to include the first and only ONE HOUR PHOTO LAB in town.


By 2000, video rentals were on the decline while the SCRAPBOOKING industry was on the rise. In June, we relocated down the street to Ridgeview Shopping Center and transformed the business yet again. We expanded our one hour photo services into digital and replaced videos with racks of traditional scrapbooking supplies.


In JANUARY 2004, we expanded into another building & business in town opening ROBY'S CUSTOM FRAMING.


By MARCH OF 2008, traditional scrapbooking went digital so we replaced that inventory with the custom framing business at the Photoshop location in order to better integrate and consolidate our imaging workflow & production.


By JANUARY 2010, traditional photo printing had reduced significantly due to the rapid acceleration of both online and cellular sharing of photos, large capacity camera cards and twelve cent prints at the big box stores.


To compensate for the drop off in photo printing, we integrated the SIGN business into the middle area of our shop in MARCH 2010. We are now producing prints on media ranging from vinyl to wall paper using our new state of the art 54 inch Roland Solvent Printer.


At the end of the day, Roby's Photoshop, Framing & Signs, is defined by dedicated customer service, high quality production and specialzied custom craftsmanship at the best prices we can offer and still be here ~ ALWAYS!